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The key word for Strategic Human Resource Management is integration.
Four elements of integration are considered crucial for HR that contributes to both the organisational objectives as the individual needs.

Vertical integration is about Effectiveness of HR.
HR is effective when it contributes to the mission and objectives of the organisation. This needs translation of the organisational strategy into a HR policy and corporate identity with talent required to realise the objectives. It is about enabling people to 'do the right things'

Horizontal integration is about Efficiency of HR
HR is efficient when its components ( strategy, systems and tools) are alinged with each other. This needs combination of the different HR instruments required to realise human development. Instuments for job appraisal, for instance, are linked with personal development. Personal development is part of the compensation policy, etc. It is about enabling people to 'do things the right way'

Integration in work is about Acceptance of HR
In the end, or rather in the beginning, it is the manager and the empoyee that make HR work. The HR toolkit has to be integrated in the primary processes of the organisation. The methods, instruments and intructions for manager and employee have to be simple, user friendly, policy clarifying and contributing to their individual needs. Otherwise people won't work with them and HR won't work.

External integration is about Sustainability and Resilience of HR
HR has to contribute to resilience and sustainability of the organisation. Post modern organisations in western societies are depending on people and their knowledge. Organisations do not learn, people do. The organisation has to facilitate this process and learn to become as flexible as their most talented people are. HR policies that enable network structures and cross company exchanges are some examples.

Atma is experienced with strategic HR issues concerning:

  • Competency based HRM
    • HR strategy and HR competencies
    • Electronic HRM (e-HRM) 
    • Compensation and Benefit policy
    • Organisational structure and Job Descriptions
    • Performance and Appraisal policy
    • Career and Workflow policy
  • Competence based Talent Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Management Development
    • Individual Coaching and Talent Assessment
    • Knowledge Management
    • Corporate Identity and Communication

Contact us if you want to know more about improving your organisational resilience and alignment of your HR strategy and implementation.

Competency based Talent Management
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