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PRACTICE - Concepts & Theories
Appreciative inquiry                 -
Art of Hosting                         -
Chaordic design                      -
Corporate Lifecycle                 -
Cultural Transformation Tools   -
Holacracy                               -
Integral Theory                       -
Integral leadership                  -
Open space                            -
Presence and U-curve              -
Spiral Dynamics                      -
World cafe                              -

PRACTICE - CHE Synnervation BV
CHE Synnervate                           -
CHE School of Synnervation         -
Center for Human Emergence NL -

PEOPLE - Partners & Companies
Lenneke Aalbers - Aalbers werk & advies
Lenneke Aalbers
Neri Bar-On - Integraldesign Israel
Don Beck
Lisa Berg - One global bridge
Aart Bos - Boer & Croon Nextrategy
Arjen Bos - Engage Interact
Ralph Freelink - Center for Holistic Inquiry
Wessel Ganzevoort - University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Edwin Holwerda - Kaora
Ard Hordijk - Nyenrode university
Diederick Jansen - Realize!
Peter Merry - Engage Interact
Dylan Newcomb - Manybody
Auke van Nimwegen - Art of Leadership
Ruud Ort - Aligna
Terry Patten - Integral University
Jasper Rienstra - Klopt!
Marinet Ritz - Spiritz
Wendela Schenk - Art of Leadership
Lisette Schuitemaker - Corecompany
Leo Sonneveld - Human Treasures
Suzan Szpakowski - ALIA Institute
Russ Volckmann - Integral Leadership Review
AnneMarie Voorhoeve - De Wijde Blick
Margareth Wheatley - Berkana Institute
Alexander Zollner - Art of Life

Meshworks & Inspirators

Center For Human Emergence - Don Beck

Integral Institute - Ken Wilber

Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) - Peter Senge

ALIA Institute

Berkana Institute - Margareth Wheatley

Presencing Institute - Otto Scharmer

Adizes Institute - Ichack Adizes

The Values Center - Richard Barrett

The Arlington Institute - John Peterson

Club of Budapest - Ervin Laszlo

United Nations & Millenium Development Goals

United Nations Millenium Development Goals

Our participation in Millenium Development Goal 5 - Maternal Health

Other teachers that inspired me

Advaita - Ramana Maharshi

Tibetan Buddhism - Dalai Lama

Advaita - Sri Aurobindo

Zen Buddhism - Genpo Roshi

Advaita - SivaSakthi AmmaIyar

Advaita - Krishna Murti

Mayan calendar - Carl Johan Calleman

Advaita - Sri Ramakrishna & Vivekananda

Sufism & Diamond approach - A.H. Almaas

Advaita- Tony Parsons

Oneness University - Sri Baghavan & Amma

Enlighten Next - Andrew Cohen

Alliance for New Humanity - Deepak Chopra

Venwoude - Ted Wilson

Foundation for Higher Learning - Imre Vallyon


My favourite artist and close friend Dan Hepperle

My family

My personal weblog

Other interesting links

Sustainability - Planet, People, Profit

Spirituality - Events & Magazines
Satsang Calendar; events in the Netherlands -
Kosmos Journal magazine -
Busniess spirituality magazine Nyenrode -
EnlightenNext Magazine -
Ode lifestyle magazine -
Happinez lifestyle magazine -



A Zen master's life is one continuous mistake. (Dogen)


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